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Kay Beauty Exfoliating Bath Sponge SUPER TEBAL
Sponge nya teball bangettGa cepat rusakBuat mandi enak banget kulit jadi terexfoliate maximallRecommended banget..
Rp 26.000
KAY BEAUTY Jade Beauty Roller (KOTAK warna hijau)
KAY BEAUTY Jade Beauty Roller (warna hijau)Dapat 1 roller dan 1 gua shaFunction :• Helps cleanse toxin from the skin• Helps tighten your skin• Helps skin looks younger• Reduce inflammation (Mata Semb..
Rp 279.000 Rp 209.000
Cashback Rp 1.463
KAY BEAUTY Rose Quartz Beauty Roller (Warna PINK)
KAY BEAUTY Rose Quartz Beauty RollerThe flawless, blemish, and acne-free skin that you've always desired is no more a dream. Complete your daily skincare routine with this Rose Quartz Beauty Roller to..
Rp 399.000 Rp 245.000
Cashback Rp 1.715
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